Come era prevedibile, alla notizia della scomparsa di Ennio Morricone, il mondo musicale ha risposto con omaggi e ricordi, alcuni personali, come il racconto del fax di Teho Teardo, che potete leggere qui sotto insieme ad altri post che abbiamo raccolto, fra cui quelli di Justin Vernon, New Order e molti altri.

Qui trovate il ricordo del primo incontro tra Carlo Verdone e il Maestro, il ricordo scritto dal nostro Giona A. Nazzaro e la selezione di 10 tracce memorabili (che non vi aspettereste) dalle sue colonne sonore.

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Ennio. The first note I ever heard of his grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let me go. I never decided to become a film composer. Ennio and Sergio Leone did that for me, letting me experience their magic. Ennio taught me that the simplest, purest and honest melody is the hardest to write. That it’s not supposed to be easy, that it’s a profound mission we are on that we must take seriously and humbly when we write music. And that our job is to be the director’s best friend and inspire him. A good conductor breathes with the orchestra as one. Whenever you hear his pieces now, you will still hear his breath… you might not see him… but you will always hear him… Ciao, Maestro!

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We lost a truly great composer today. RIP Ennio Morricone. In 2009 I so wanted to use Ennio Morricone’s touch in my film The American that I went to see him to discuss this. I wanted the American to be a kind of western and had meant for it to have ‘Il Americano’ for a title. That is incorrect Italian for The American but it would show you that the protagonist didn’t belong there and it had a nod to the Sergio Leone films that of course were Morricone’s playground so to speak. He kindly invited me to his apartment in Rome where we discussed the idea thru a translator. His English wasn’t great nor was my Italian. But he played some music on the piano that he wanted me to consider. This photo was taken during the wonderful rendition of these songs that he had in a drawer as he said. I wanted original music so the collaboration never came off unfortunately. A few years later Tarantino was more successful. . . #enniomorricone #italy #music_composer #the_mission #thegood_thebad_and_ theugly #onceuponatimeinthewest

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